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In 2022, we had to put the conference on hold, but we’ve redirected our time and resources to helping our country and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We believe we will win and reunite with our community as soon as possible.


We sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during these challenging times. Please stay tuned for updates, and let’s continue to support each other and our country.


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Our Speakers

Speakers with real experience and valuable content applicable in practice

Maria Davydova

Head of Product MLOps

Alex Honchar

Co-founder, Partner and AI/ML Director

Neurons Lab | London, UK

Natalya Avanesova

Head of NLP

Preste | Kyiv, Ukraine

Fabio Petroni

Research Engineer

Facebook AI Research lab | London, UK

Dmitry Anoshin

Data Engineering

Microsoft | Vancouver, Canada

Michael Konstantinov

Deep Learning Research Team Lead

Squad | Kyiv, Ukraine

Laurent Picard

Developer Relations Engineer

Google Cloud | Paris, France

Olga Petrova

AI product manager

Scaleway | Paris, France

Oleksandr Konduforov

Data Science Competence Leader

AltexSoft | Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Our Streams

We have identified the most relevant topics in the field of artificial intelligence. We hope you will find something interesting for yourself.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Data Science & Machine Learning

10:00-10:45 Michael Konstantinov.
Zero Shot ’Em All

10:50-11:35 Maksym Andriushchenko.
On the Stability of Fine-Tuning BERT


11:45-12:30 Michael Yushchuk

12:35-13:20 Natalya Avanesova.
Automatic Text summarization: is GPT3 the best and only?


14:30-15:15 Fabio Petroni.
What do machines know?

15:20-16:05 Oleksiy Syvokonʹ
Transfer learning for speech processing

16:10-16:55 Nataliya Polyakovska
AI for Inventory Management in 2 months: Tips and Tricks


17:05-17:50 Vitaliy Bulygin
Object detection, segmentation and pose estimation for mobile devices

17:55-18:40 Pedro Jorge Freire
Neural network in high-speed optical fiber communications

18:45-19:30 Vlad Artemyev
Feedbacks classification

AI for Business & Products

AI for Business & Products

10:00-10:45 Laurent Picard.
Building smarter solutions with no expertise in machine learning

10:50-11:35 Alex Honchar.
Anti-data-science: the Taleb’s barbell in the AI world


11:45-12:30 Oleksandr Konduforov
Maximizing the profits: using ML for Dynamic Pricing problem

12:35-13:20 Volodymyr Getmanskyi
Visual mapping and navigation (Lviv SLAM)


14:30-15:15 Mykola Lavreniuk.
Using artificial intelligence methods to solve the problem of recognizing food and drinks in the canteen (KISSA AI project)

15:20-16:05 Pavlo Sakhno / Evgeniy Pahnuk
Platform of the future.

16:10-16:55 Serhiy Protsenko.
DPR – a new AI-disrupt


17:05-17:50 Oleksandr Makarevych.
Predicting Unpredictable: How to bring value to the client who doesn’t know what he wants?

17:55-18:40 Alex Mashrabov
Snapchat ML projects: overview and challenges

18:45-19:30 Alexandr Proskurin
How (not) to Apply ML in Finance: Industry use cases

Data Engineering & MLOps

Data Engineering & MLOps

10:00-10:45 Speaker’s speech canceled

10:50-11:35 Dmitrо Levin
Neural Video Watermarking


11:45-12:30 Roman Storchak
Computational Data Governance at scale.

12:35-13:20 Andrii Latysh
Practical dive into modern model monitoring


14:30-15:15 Dmytro Spodarets
How to speed up the development of ML models through MLOps

15:20-16:05 Sergiy Kamalov
Оpen source delta lake

16:10-16:55 Olga Petrova
Model-assisted data annotation


17:05-17:50 Dmitry Anoshin
Data engineering challenges at ML projects on global scale solutions

17:55-18:40 Maria Davydova
“Green” DGXs, virtual GPUs, orchestration, integration and interchangeability: how we build MLOps platform of the future.


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