AltexSoft is the Organizer Since 2014

Being a consulting company, we strive to be the best for our clients, track global technical trends and master the most relevant ones.

Why did we start this?

To implement the requests of our clients in certain projects, we often came to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to use AI for the optimal solution of the tasks. In order to increase expertise and be able to share experiences and promote AI in Ukraine, we have decided to create a platform that will bring together professionals from around the world.

Let’s get acquainted!

Being a Technology & Solution Consulting company,
AltexSoft works daily on tasks that solve customer problems. Thanks to this practice, the company has real knowledge and proven expertise in Data Science. Its portfolio includes more than 300 cases to be proud of.

The AltexSoft team are enthusiasts who are passionate about their work.
They are willing to learn and share knowledge to gain experience and help customers to use their data efficiently and create artificial intelligence solutions.

Join AltexSoft!

Altexsoft brings together professionals focused on worthwhile work. Our team strives to create live products, it is important for us to see the results of our work in action.

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Flexible pricing

We made sure that no matter what package you choose, you are an active participant in the event and get the best professional experience.

If you want to buy tickets from the company for a group of colleagues of 5 people, contact our manager to get individual discounts. Follow the link to see the ticket refund terms.