Ruslan Gutnikov
Yana Farenyuk
22 Sep 2019
15:55 - 16:40
Big Data and Data Analytics

Predictable marketing. How to manage ROI of your media investment

During this talk we will share our own experience of using Data Science technologies in the marketing and advertising in case studies from different business categories. We will show how the use of data analytics enables the development of business simulations to make effective marketing (including media) decisions. We will present some examples of products that are changing the model of media brand investment and are heavily used in the market.
We will look at the key steps in implementing the Brand Metrics® approach, our own development based on machine learning technology and focused on optimizing customer marketing campaigns, and focus on the important aspects of its implementation.

With our own Brand Metrics® approach, we clearly identify the factors influencing the response of potential customers and determine which communication channels to use to increase our clients’ business results