Eugene Vyborov
22 Sep 2019
AI for Business and Products

Building AI strategy in SaaS product

There’s a huge gap between fast-growing startups that use AI on a daily basis and traditional business, most of which still function in the same fashion as they did for the last 20 years. Yet, these are the companies that are ready to pay real money for effective automation. All you need to do is to understand, what exactly they need and implement it in a way that creates value for them.
In this talk, I will share my experience in building AI strategy in SaaS product. This will help you to answer the following questions:
– What’s the optimal roadmap of implementing AI solutions in your SaaS product? Where to start and what to aim for?
– How to understand the value of AI-driven features for your end-user?
– What are the obstacles to implementing AI solutions in the private sector and how to overcome them?