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Dmytro Fishman

Junior Researcher, PhD candidae at the University of Tartu

Dmytro Fishman

Junior Researcher, PhD candidae at the University of Tartu


Dmytro is a Junior Researcher and a PhD candidate at the University of Tartu. His current research is focused on applying machine learning and data mining methods to biological data. For his PhD thesis, Dmytro is building an automatic tool for analysing protein microarray experiments in immunological studies. He and his colleagues use Deep Learning on various biological data, including genomic data and microscopy images. Also Dmytro has experience teaching various machine learning related subjects both at the University of Tartu and as an invited lecturer in companies. He is a certified trainer in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry organisations that organise and carry out trainings for scientists in the core data science skills around the world.


Topic: Deep learning in healthcare

Short Description: In this talk we will make an attempt to answer the question of how far AI from revolutionising healthcare and what is the current progress in this area. We will look into the latest groundbreaking medical innovations driven by deep learning and evaluate their potential impact on medical practice. We will also discuss the main challenges that deep learning engineers face and recent advances that have been proposed in deep learning in order to address these challenges. Most of the talk will be based on a review paper – Computational biology – deep learning by William Jones, Kaur Alasoo, Dmytro Fishman et al.

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Deep Learning in Healthcare

23 Sep 2017
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Presentation: Deep Learning in Healthcare