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IV International conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science applications
September 23-24, 2017

About conference

AI Ukraine – is a professional forum for meeting peers, sharing experiences and discussing the current issues in the field of data mining, machine learning, text mining, Big Data, Robotics, Computer Vision, and other areas of AI.

The conference will begin in



Jordi Carrera

Sumplify, Catalonia, Spain

Sergey Nikolenko

Researcher at PDIM RAS, Senior Researcher at NRU HSE (Saint-Petersburg)

Michael Simbirsky

Senior Software Engineer, Google Research, Mountain View, California

Vitaliy Goncharuk

CEO and Founder, Augmented Pixels, Inc.

Dmytro Fishman

Junior Researcher, PhD candidate at the University of Tartu

Illia Polosukhin

NEAR.AI, San Francisco, California

Mariana Romanyshyn

Technical Lead, Computational Linguist at Grammarly

Yuriy Guts

Machine Learning Engineer at DataRobot

Alexander Konduforov

Head of Data Science, AltexSoft

Mykola Maksymenko

SoftServe R&D, Research Lead, Lviv

Andrii Babii

KhNURE, Graduate student Kharkiv

Vitaliy Bulygin

Samsung R&D Institute, Kiev

Dmytro Skorokhodov

Oracle Maxymiser, Principal Data Scientist

Tatyana Matvienko

Senior BigData Developer/Solutions Architecht, IoT/BigData

Valeriy Krygin

Research engineer at ARVI Lab

Igor Mishchenko

QuantuMobile, Kharkiv

Omar Shikhkerimov

QuantuMobile, Kharkiv

Ramesh Haridas

Angel investor, Entrepreneur, London


I’ve just returned from AI Ukraine and I am really impressed with lots of interesting conversations and meetings.
The Community and the level of speeches increases from one year to the next. There were one and a half times more participants in comparison with the last year.
That is the exact moment when it seems that Kharkiv is located somewhere in the Valley: so much information from people working in start-ups and product companies, so many companies that open their offices in Ukraine to create teams engaged with AI, lots of representatives ready to invest in the teams or ideas.

Igor Kostiuk

The organization was excellent. The holiday atmosphere lasted for two days.
It was Andrii Babii who remembered for his mass laboratory research for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. I don’t remember such a format at similar events before. It was great.
In general, the speeches became more proficient and there were some impressive demos during the speeches.
The best speech at the conference, as for me, was made by Tetiana Kodliuk: it was scientifically competent, verified, with great humor and clear examples.

Artem Chernodub

My autumn non-stop “Weekend Conferences” had come to an end after the participation at AI Ukraine.
That was a real high-quality event with truly engaged audience!
Though I have not heard a single speech, continuous communication at the stand, new acquaintances, the first experience of prize drawing and overall backstage atmosphere was super!
It was especially nice to meet and have a chat with Fly Elephant users.
To all organizers team — well done, carry on!!!

Dmitriy Spodarets


Radmir Expohall

271 Akademika Pavlova str., Kharkiv


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